Vetox Lab

Vetox Lab - Venom Research and Toxicology Laboratory

Vetox Lab - Venom Research and Toxicology Laboratory is a research lab based at the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Malaysia. The research team is dedicated to a variety of research studies of venoms, toxins and antivenoms, applying classical in vitro/in vivo models and state-of-art technologies of genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. We aims to offer clinical applicability for the improvement of medical care on snakebite envenomation in the region.

Research Missions

Vetox Lab envisages to becoming a regional research center of excellence for research on venoms, natural poisons and related topics in toxicology, with specific aims as follow:

1. To characterize the compositions and toxicity of venoms/poisons for understanding their pathophysiological effects.

2. To study the immunological properties of venoms/poisons for optimization and development of antidotes/antivenoms and immunodiagnostic assays.

3. To conduct preclinical and clinical assessment of antivenoms/antidotes on neutralization against toxicity of various venoms/poisons.

4. To explore potential medicinal use of venom/poison components in diseases.

5. To establish collaborations and networks with local and foreign experts in addressing the global health problem associated with envenoming and poisoning.

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