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Snake antivenoms: Science, Values & Challenges

Scientific Malaysian Magazine, June 2016

Bites from venomous snakes can lead to snakebite envenomation (not poisoning), and antivenom is the only definitive therapy to date. Antivenoms used in current clinical practices are derived from antibodies of animals (e.g. horses) that have been immunised with one or a mix of snake venoms. However, the production of these biologics is highly costly, and there is no universal antivenom, as the effectiveness is limited by the different snake species and their geographical locality. The production and use of antivenoms can be optimised by unravelling the complexity of venoms, especially their immunogenicity and the dynamics-kinetics of venom-antivenom interplay.  Read More at Page 32-38.


UM continues research into snake venom

The Petri Dish, Malaysia’s 1st science newspaper

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Dec 2017

The Blue Coral Snake, Calliophis bivirgata: A mysterious Beauty Armed with Exotic Toxins

Asia Research News (ASN), 4 September 2016

The Malayan blue coral snake, Calliophis bivirgata and illustration of its venom proteome.

Toxicologists in Malaysia published the first report on the venom proteome correlating toxic functionalities of the Malayan blue coral snake, an exotic species from the country. The toxins are unique among snakes and have deep implication on antivenom production and drug discovery. Read More.

Exploring the toxin genes of monocled cobra through venom gland transcriptomics

Asia Research News (ASN), 29 June 2017

Researchers at University of Malaya investigated the venom-gland transcriptomes of monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia) from Malaysia and Thailand. Their findings unveil a pool of novel bioactive molecules, and provide a solution to the long-standing puzzle of the geographical variability of venom from this important Asian cobra. Read More.

Essentials of Bites and Stings

Malaysian Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health (MJPCH), Vol 17, No.1, 2011

History of bitten by animals and stung by insects is common occurrence and the effects are variedly noted. The focus for present discussion is concerning snake bites and stung by hornet. Read More.