Event: July 12 & 18, 2019, MSPP conference seminar and workshop 2019

Seminar and workshop "Protein Decomplexation for Proteomics", July 12 & 18, 2019, at Vetox Lab, Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine.

Workshop Synopsis:

Biomedical samples and natural products are commonly composed of protein mixtures. Protein profiling is the most crucial step for successful purification, identification, characterization and application of the protein compounds. The profiling methods, however, can be very complicated and challenging. The seminar series will introduce the fundamental knowledge and approaches for efficient protein profiling through interactive talks and case studies with a panel of experts. Various strategies including decomplexation proteomics will be highlighted.

For registration details, please contact Vetox Lab at +603-7967 6685/vetoxlab@gmail.com